Bullying–What Can a Parent Do?

Today’s special guest talks with us about one of the hottest topics in our school system today, bullying. Dr. Michael Carpenter is a nationally certified Olweus bullying prevention program trainer and consultant.  Dr. Carpenter is here locally working with the Cobb County School System.  The Olweus program is a bullying research-based program that focuses on problem solving, prevention, and education.  Dr. Carpenter explains that the program reduces bullying by fifty percent in 2 years. If you are wondering what Bullying is? How to prevent it? What the signs of being bullied are? What to do if you child/children are being bullied? Dr. Carpenter is very well researched in all areas of bullying, from the bully to the victim, he can answer any question you may have.  You will take away more than knowledge from his interview, you will almost certain feel empowered if you are a parent in any type of bully situation. The small tools he gives you in this short amount of time will already put you a step ahead when figuring out what to do with a bully.


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Who Should Be Our Children’s Heroes?

Today’s guest Brad Meltzer is the author of Heroes for My Son.  He is a celebrated author and host of the popular show Decoded on the History Channel.  When Brad’s first son was born he started a list of heroes that he wanted to teach his son about.  Not everyone’s thought of a hero, like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods, but actual real heroes like Jim Henson and Rosa Parks.  Brad talks with us on why he chose to write this for his son, and just why everyone really should read it.  Not only does Brad want his son to know what a real hero is,  it is very important to him that his son learn how and what these people did to become heroes.   These are “ordinary people” that change the world.  Through this book Brad wants to teach his son that dignity, strength, compassion, and honesty are what makes a person a hero.  We all could use a little reminder of this on a daily basis. So, who is your hero?



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Shocking News for Parents

Ashley_Merryman.jpg (20966 bytes)Ashley Merryman is here to talk with us about “Nurture Shock.”  A book she co-authored with Po Bronson. Ashley explains to us the more scientific perspective of how children learn, how to teach children to learn, and what is good an not so good for them.  The book has been described as the “freakenomics of child development.”  Whether you are wondering how to praise your child so they’re head doesn’t explode, or if you’re wondering if your children get enough sleep, Ashley discusses plenty of scientific data to help you as a parent decide what is best.

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You’re Not The Boss of Me

Betsy Brown BraunHow do you Brat proof your child? Best selling author Betsy Brown Braun is here with us to talk about her book You’re Not The Boss of Me: Brat-proofing Your Four-to-Twelve Year Old Child.  Every parent has thought to themselves (at one time or another) my kid’s a brat.  Now, how do we fix this or prevent this? Betsy takes us through her thought process, making sure we as parents realize that our behaviors mold our children’s.   Betsy’s talks about two of her main behavior chapters, gratitude and independence.  With just two of these and a little communication you will be starting your way to brat-proofing.


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You Can Raise Extraordinary Children

Our special guest this show is Rafe Esquith.  As well as being a great teacher, Rafe is also an Author.  His book “ Lighting Their Fires: Raising Extraordinary Children in a Mixed-up, Muddled-up, Shook-up World,” is what he discusses with us today.  I know after you listen to this you, as a parent, will wish your children could have him as a teacher.  Rafe Esquith is an innovative, multiple-award-winning American teacher at Hobart Boulevard Elementary School, in Los Angeles, California.



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Preschool Problem Solver

Carol Baicker-McKee talks with us today about the ever so wonderful world of a preschooler.  Author of, The Preschool Problem Solver: Tackling Tough and Tricky Transitions with Your Two-to-Five-Year-Old, Carol talks with us about the do’s and don’ts of parenting these precious blank canvases.  Whether you have questions about bed time routines, potty training, or a new baby in the house, Carol’s information is certainly top notch for all preschool situations.  Remember, you’re not the only one out there with a preschooler, and it does take a village.




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Friend or Parent to Your Child? with Special Guest E.D. Hill

Are you the type of parent that wants to be your friends BFF? Or are you the type of parent that just wants to be a parent.  Our guest in today’s topic is E.D. Hill, Fox News Associate, and Author of “I’m Not Your Friend, I’m Your Parent”.  Along with her successful career, E.D. has 8 children that take her through the walk of parenthood.  Listen as E.D. and Pat discuss parenting, and raising your children to be all around individuals by being their parent, and not their friend.

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Kathy Ireland Discusses Real Solutions for Busy Moms

Our Special guest Kathy Ireland talks with us about her book “Real Solutions for Busy Moms:

Your Guide to Success and Sanity.”  Kathy talks with us on how we need to take time

to unplug, realize we (moms) can’t do it all, and make sure most importantly that we listen and teach our children because no one else can do it better.

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How to Make the Best Decisions

Today we talk with Suzy Welch, best-selling author, television commentator, and journalist.  Suzy discusses with us her decision making process, as it is in her book 10-10-10: A Life-Transforming Idea. Suzy’s idea is to always use the 10-10-10 rule in whatever decision you are going to make.  She asks herself, is this decision going to matter in 10 minutes, 10 months, or 10 years.  She gives us stories to relate to her 10-10-10 rule, and they are great examples of how we should deal with everyday issues to more serious life-changing ones.  You won’t be disappointed after you listen to this show, and you will think to yourself on your next decision this exact process, because it just makes sense.



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Holiday Organizing and Planning

Are your holidays filled with lots of house guests?  Do you know what to get everyone for Christmas? Do you think kids need a million toys?  Today’s show is with Monica Ricci, founder of Catalyst Organizing. Monica gives us great tips on how to organize our homes during the holidays.  From decorating to preparing for our company, she is the expert.  Monica also gives us great ideas on consumable gifts for all ages.


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